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Definitely, The little libraries in the neighborhood will probably survive the people who built them, but will they survive as monuments to their builders. That was something very inspirational.

Lane Hall

I have often thought about these in terms of what we value. Why books? You hit on it with our inability to throw them out, and their sheer volume and weight. Think of when you need to move, or if you have ever been tasked with clearing out the bookshelves in a friend or relative's home. Books are like anchors that we can't let go. "But I might read that someday!"

Why don't we see "little free farm stands" or "little free tech drops" or "little free pharmacies" (I like that one!) or "little free CDs" or "little free tool sheds"... Is it because we really don't value the books at all, and they are the only thing, other than our recyclables, that we are willing to put out for potlatch?

Hawi Moore


Geospatial &Space Technology

well noted.

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